Golf Cars
Updated 3 days ago
Ext 2
Allowed - GOLF CARS available today

18 Hole Course
Updated 3 days ago
Ext 1
Open - GOLF COURSE OPEN- fairways and rough are still extremely wet with puddling in some bunkers and fairways.

Par 3 Course
Updated 8 days ago
Ext 3
Open - PAR 3 GOLF COURSE OPEN-weather permitting

Superintendent's Update
Updated 10 days ago
Ext 6
Notice - Due to the amount of rain we have received this past week, we haven’t been able to cut the fairways and some rough. Once things start drying out, we will be able to get back onto our regular cutting schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Driving Range
Updated 12 days ago
Ext 4
Open - DRIVING RANGE OPEN-weather permitting

Unique Course Maintenance
Updated 18 days ago
Ext 5
Notice - The waterline to the water fountains on 9,15, and 17 hasn’t been turned on yet. We are looking to get those up and running sometime next week. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.