Superintendent's Update
Updated 15 hours ago
Ext 6
Notice - Pond Update: Last week Clarke Aquatics were only able to treat 7 of the 15 ponds we have on the property. Ponds like 13 and 8 were untreatable due to low oxygen levels. If they treat ponds with low oxygen levels you risk killing off any living organisms in the water. Clarke Aquatics will continue to check the oxygen levels through out the season and will treat the ponds when levels are sufficient enough.

18 Hole Course
Updated 24 hours ago
Ext 1
Open - GOLF COURSE OPEN- some areas in the rough are still extremely wet.

Golf Cars
Updated 24 hours ago
Ext 2
Allowed - GOLF CARTS AVAILABLE TODAY-fairways only

Par 3 Course
Updated 24 hours ago
Ext 3
Open - PAR 3 GOLF COURSE OPEN-weather permitting

Driving Range
Updated 24 hours ago
Ext 4
Open - DRIVING RANGE OPEN-weather permitting

Unique Course Maintenance
Updated 17 days ago
Ext 5
Questionable - We will be aerifying the Par3 greens today.