Golf Cars
Updated 23 hours ago
Ext 2
Allowed - GOLF CARS available today

18 Hole Course
Updated 23 hours ago
Ext 1
Open - COURSE OPEN- weather permitting

Par 3 Course
Updated 23 hours ago
Ext 3
Open - PAR 3 GOLF COURSE OPEN-weather permitting

Driving Range
Updated 23 hours ago
Ext 4
Open - DRIVING RANGE OPEN-weather permitting

Unique Course Maintenance
Updated 8 days ago
Ext 5
Questionable - The Drinkng Fountain on 15 will be out of service until tomorrow morning Saturday August 11, 2018.

Superintendent's Update
Updated 29 days ago
Ext 6
Notice - POND UPDATE: Clarke Aquatics visited the course last week and were able to treat 10 of the 15 ponds. They will be back out next Friday to check and treat the ponds. WEEDS UPDATE: We are in the process of eradicating the weeds. Some of the areas that we have gone through so far include; the flower beds on 10 Tee, 1 Tee, Circle Bed, Par 3 #1 Tee, and the entrance way near the parking lot. We will continue to eradicate weeds next week in other high priority areas.