Par 3 Course
Updated yesterday
Ext 3
Open - PAR 3 GOLF COURSE OPEN-weather permitting

Golf Cars
Updated yesterday
Ext 2
Allowed - GOLF CARS available today

18 Hole Course
Updated yesterday
Ext 1
Open - GOLF COURSE OPEN- some areas in the rough are still extremely wet.

Unique Course Maintenance
Updated 5 days ago
Ext 5
Notice - We will be turning the water on to the chillers on 6,9,14, and 17 tomorrow and we will try to get the rest of the chillers up and running by early next week. Have a great weekend!

Driving Range
Updated 7 days ago
Ext 4
Open - DRIVING RANGE OPEN-weather permitting

Superintendent's Update
Updated over 30 days ago
Ext 6
Notice - Stay tuned for future updates