Driving Range
Updated 4 days ago
Ext 4
Open - DRIVING RANGE OPEN-weather permitting

18 Hole Course
Updated 10 days ago
Ext 1

Golf Cars
Updated 10 days ago
Ext 2
Allowed - GOLF CARS available today on a first come first served basis. Single rider only or two from the same household.

Par 3 Course
Updated 10 days ago
Ext 3
Open - PAR 3 GOLF COURSE OPEN-weather permitting

Superintendent's Update
Updated 16 days ago
Ext 6
Notice - In the past few weeks we were able to add a few more staff to the team due to the change in guidlines from the state. We have also planted all of our summer flowers. We will be starting to work on the pond banks, once we get our ventrac back from Burris Equipment. Hope everyone has been able to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Unique Course Maintenance
Updated 22 days ago
Ext 5
Notice - Stay tuned for future updates